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Level 5 UV Tanning Bed

Our X7 has carefully placed lamps providing extra tanning power to heat things up. The optional refreshing CliMax feature provides a cooling sensation for true customer comfort. If you are looking for a gorgeous glowing tan, and some comfort and relaxation to go with it - this is your bed!


Level 4 UV Tanning Bed

This bed is equipped with 20 160-watt RUVA Canopy lamps, and three 400-watt face tanning lamps that can be switched on and off during tanning. With a 12 minute max tanning time it makes it perfect for keeping busy customers happy.



Level 4 UV Tanning Booth

The ProSun V3 is perfect for those who feel uncomfortable in tight spaces, the new design allows for an open feeling and large front swinging door that can be left partially open while tanning. The open top generates a refreshing breeze and allows clients to feel comfortable inside the unit. For a cooler session the V3 has a 4 speed body cooling fan that can be controlled directly from the digital display inside the unit. It also offers special bronzing lamps to highlight the glow in your tan.



UV FREE Spray Tan Booth

With VersaSpa, you will look as good as you feel with rejuvenated, healthy skin and a beautiful tan. VersaSpa combines advanced skincare science & tanning technology to amplify the skin’s inherent beauty. We infuse our unique blend of eco-certified tanning ingredients with marine algae that firms, detoxifies, and hydrates skin to go beyond tan.

Gluten Free, Paraben Free, Cruelty Free, Nut Free, Vegan, Non-Comedogenic.

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